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Jeroen Kemp, CTO Aratus.

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Why Aratus?

At Aratus we believe logistics and supply chain solutions can and should be more cost efficient and faster to deploy. We have the experience of the global players but we combine this with our agile, flexible, and hands-on approach. We help you to boost your business!

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Still using Windows CE or are you ready for something more 21st century?

Windows CE was presented to the world by Microsoft in 1996 (!).  So that was in the previous century at the same time Microsoft released Internet Explorer 3. The operating system was also included with the good old Sega Dreamcast and Pocket PC at the time. Do you remember? In the following years this light version of Windows XP got a number of upgrades up to the latest version – Embedded Compact 2013 – in June 2013.

It is now almost 2018 and we still find many Windows CE based scanners in warehouses. While this really is no longer necessary, because let’s be honest; this system is outdated, slow and often unsafe because development has stopped. But the best reason to stop using it, is that there are better alternatives out there that can even run on existing scanners. Want to know more? Contact us and we will tell you all about it and, even better, show you the possibilities!

7 tips when considering a WMS

Before we get to our tips, let’s start by saying that the chances of finding an off-the-shelve WMS that suits all your needs are close to zero. You don’t have to believe us (yet), but let us tell you a bit more about this from our experience. There is a vast supply of WMS solutions on the market and we have worked with a lot of them. Customization was always on the agenda…

Speed ​​up your Warehouse to 2020 with A-Core WMS

Speed ​​up your Warehouse to 2020 with A-Core WMS With the increase in the number of WMS apps, there is also a growing need amongst companies to efficiently (further) develop these apps, roll them out, integrate them as much as possible, and update them on a regular basis. After all, in a general sense, operational management has also ended up in an accelerated upward flow, which results, amongst other things, in high expectations and the need for swift availability of applications. It is almost impossible to imagine, but until recently it was acceptable that the implementation of a WMS [...]

June 29th, 2018|

The Aratus core team

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