Not really what you want to hear if you’re in the process of selecting a Warehouse Management System. However, research shows that much of the functionality of a WMS is hardly used. But you do pay for it! How do you make sure you don’t make unnecessary costs, but only pay for what you need? And how will you ensure that your WMS becomes a cost-effective investment instead of an ongoing expense? For many companies – and not just SMEs – inventory management is a headache. Without the right knowledge, it’s easy to make wrong choices with far-reaching effects on both financial and operational levels.

And there are more facts and figures that paint a worrying picture:

  • The implementation of a WMS manual storage system takes an average of more than 12 months.
  • Depending on size and complexity, the implementation of an automated warehouse may take up to 21 months.
  • 30% of all companies with a WMS system use this for a minimum of 15 years and this will only get longer.
  • 16% of companies implement their WMS package between 51 and 100 times during that period.
  • 60% of the WMS functionalities present are used on average in warehouse operations, while this is where the hard CPIs lie, such as the high warranty on delivery.
  • 69% of businesses lose attention after ‘Go Live’ and even terminate the project team.

To rule is to look into the future

Certainly with a WMS it is important to look beyond the challenges and problems of today. A WMS must be able to grow with the organisation, while in many organisations it is more likely to be a milestone around the neck. There are plenty of examples of organisations where the implementation and / or functioning of the WMS has led to long trajectories with ongoing expenses. This not only has to do with the right choice of a WMS, but also with proper preparation and the realisation that the ‘go live’ of the project is not where it ends.

Aftercare gets the back seat

To us it is 100% sure that after the ‘go live’ of a WMS, the real problems often start, partly because the project team is often terminated. By making optimisations, ROI on the investment can be maximised, but this is often forgotten. At Aratus, after-sales warranty is one of the USPs that distinguishes us from the competition. From experience, we know how important aftercare is, and that serious efforts can can result in significant increase of the ROI of your WMS system.

“69% of businesses lose attention after ‘Go Live’
and even terminate the project team.”

Aratus on the ICT and Logistics Exchange

During the fair, we will give a number of presentations about the considerations in choosing a WMS and how Aratus has developed a system that delivers any big brand or brand that wants to grow big the proper solution. This system is therefore also very suitable for SMEs and can grow with any organisation.

If you don’t want to wait until November 28th and you already want to know more? Then contact us at: +31 (0)20 36 35 65 2. Of course, we would love to see you at the fair or you can send us an email for an appointment.