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24 Dec

Our ‘Last Mile’ for 2018. Heading for an optimized ‘First Last Miles’ in 2019!

Our ‘Last Mile’ for 2018. Heading for an optimized ‘First Last Miles’ in 2019! The Dutch economy will continue to grow by about 2.0% in 2019. Logical consequence is that Logistics & Transport is experiencing growth in volume just like last year. What if Brexit really becomes reality? The current growth is influenced by the consumer on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas with explosive figures with the 'last mile' as result. • 1.5 million [...]

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03 Oct

A little more data, please? The power of AI and Machine Learning.

A little more data, please? The power of AI and Machine Learning. The Internet of Things (IoT), a frequently used term, is the basis of many new technological developments. IoT consists of worldwide and everyday internet connected devices and sensors, which all exchange information. It is estimated that a small 25 billion(!) devices and sensors are connected to the internet which exchange data continuously. All these connected devices and sensors (such as cameras, iBeacons, telephones [...]

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29 Jun

Speed ​​up your Warehouse to 2020 with A-Core WMS

Speed ​​up your Warehouse to 2020 with A-Core WMS With the increase in the number of WMS apps, there is also a growing need amongst companies to efficiently (further) develop these apps, roll them out, integrate them as much as possible, and update them on a regular basis. After all, in a general sense, operational management has also ended up in an accelerated upward flow, which results, amongst other things, in high expectations and [...]

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18 May

First impression Microsoft Hololens

First impression Microsoft Hololens Last weekend during a visit to the development team in Poland, we carried out a first pick-module test with the Microsoft Hololens on our A-Core WMS. This Hololens is a combination of virtual reality and real life - mixed reality. The mix of these two worlds can provide considerable future efficiencies within warehouses. The Hololens can connect via Bluetooth with a finger scanner, in order to scan barcodes and QR codes [...]

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20 Apr

Aratus opts for cloud provider Azure

Aratus opts for cloud provider Azure We opted for Azure because of the more extensive coverage. Azure was the first important provider, which contractually met the requirements of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Azure has the protection of your organization's security, privacy and compliance in 'development methodology'. Azure is therefore the most trusted cloud for US government agencies. In addition, Azure IP Advantage offers the best protection of intellectual property in the industry, allowing you [...]

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02 Mar

WMS selection and security tips for SME

WMS selection and security tips for SME Finding the right WMS for your organization can be a considerable search because there are many WMS'es out there and there are a lot of factors to take into account when selecting a WMS. Of course the investment is important and this goes beyond the purchase alone because after implementation there is always an ongoing optimization needed. In addition, there are factors such as scalability, safety, reliability, [...]

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29 Jan

What will blockchain mean for the logistics sector?

Cost savings and trust with the use of blockchain, but what about security? It was only a matter of time and here it is: an article about blockchain. Is it something that will shape the future of the logistics industry or has it already made its appearance? And is blockchain also relevant for your organization? And what about the safety of such solutions? Questions, questions, questions. Let's start by briefly explaining what blockchain is exactly, [...]

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11 Jan

A new year: 7 tips for inventory counting

Read our additional tips for inventory counting The new year is here and in our last blog we discussed (physical) inventory counting and the basic rules to make your life a bit easier. We have some additional tips and tricks for you and no, the abacus is not one of them ;-). 1. Orient your staff See to it that your team is familiar with all of the steps you are taking. If you created [...]

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30 Dec

Happy Inventory without physical inventory counts!

2018, no more physical inventory counts? Over the years our season's greetings were coming  from warehouse locations all over the world. As we were conducting physical inventories on behalf of our customers. And always during the Holidays. From Canadian Mobile Phone operations to Argentinean Consumer Electronics Fulfilment centres. Or German Tobacco operations. And Vietnam Electronic Device factories. Why? As even in this millennium you want to know your floor - book position. On a periodical [...]

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20 Dec

Is your logistic operation secure?

Are you sure your are running a secure logistic operation? Maybe you don't know? Or are you just assuming you do? Well, you should know and it should be secure. We know from experience that often WMS security is not a priority. It is like an insurance; in the unfortunate case you need it, you are glad you have it. If you don't have it, too bad... Security breaches can occur on different levels. They [...]

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