“69% of businesses
lose their attention
after 'Go Live' and even
terminate the project team.”

Alies de Graaf, Managing Partner.

Our ‘Last Mile’ for 2018. Heading for an optimized ‘First Last Miles’ in 2019!

The Dutch economy will continue to grow by about 2.0% in 2019. Logical consequence is that Logistics & Transport is experiencing growth in volume just like last year. What if Brexit really becomes reality? The current growth is influenced by the consumer on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas with explosive figures with the ‘last mile’ as result.

• 1.5 million PostNL * packages in this period with an average of day of 700,000 a day.
• 40% more products bought at Bol.com in 1 day, compared to the same day in 2017.
• 2.4 million IDEAL payments; on average 1.5 million.
• 700,000 packages for DHL, doubling.

This all has to do with the e-commerce orders that continue to grow in 2019! Looking at the 26% growth of e-commerce orders compared to 2017!

E-commerce will again show structural growth figures in 2019 and consumers will continue to increase shopping online. This sustained growth effects logistics services, road transport and parcel transport. The consequence of this is a permanent increase in traffic and delays on our already crowded roads.

These developments are diametrically opposed to the now demanding consumer, who expects a ‘fast, faster fastest’, efficient, reliable, sustainable and transparent delivery.

Complaints via Social Media are common and put the packers and transporters in a bad light. Let’s remember trust comes on foot but leaves by horse!

* PostNL has already shown that it can’t cope with this peak. In addition to the doubling of there are correspondingly more complaints (discarding, unjustified home cards etc.) received at the Consumers’ Association about PostNL. In fact, research by Radar (n = 4,000) resulted in 86% dissatisfied PostNL customers even AFTER handling of the initial complaint!

The above is for clarification and to underline how un-true-seemingly important the ‘Last Mile’ is. Crucial is sharing of information and available data by all parties involved! As result the various parties in the chain  would be able to forecast! An example is passing the information when an (impactful) discount action starts to the to the relevant parcel service of a curtain web shop.

This extreme and annual PEAK could be a learning opportunity for all Last Mile parties if the data is collected, bundled and shared. The data then could be bundled and used for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and into smart knowledge for future ‘Last Mile’ optimizations. Ultimately, this should result in a more efficient sorting and optimization of the delivery centers, with as final goal; delivery of packages to satisfied consumers as efficiently and sustainably as possible. The solution for this is within reach ….

Aratus BV and Log-hub AG, partner and technical support, introduce the Supply Chain Apps. This is advanced technology (mathematical formulas | machine learning) integrated into user-friendly workflows. For more information about AI and ML check our previous blog.

Supply Chain Add-ons are embedded in Microsoft Excel very familiar to almost all Supply Chain Planner and Analysts. Existing Excel data sources are easy to integrated in our Apps. We offer a range of easy and fast to implement real-time Supply Chain apps suitable for every size logistics carrier.

 Supply Chain Apps are divided into 5 Categories:

• Supply Chain Visualization
• Network Design
• Forecasting
• Transport Optimization
• Warehouse Analytics

‘Last Mile’ Average performance:

• 25% Faster delivery to customers
• 17% Falling transport costs
• 41% Falling stock levels
• 35% Less production downtime
• 17% Efficiency factory process!

The Last Mile from Aratus for 2018! Aratus is optimized for the First ‘Last Miles’ in 2019! Would you like to know more about our Supply Chain Apps and how this can strengthen your logistics process? Call us or send us an email and we will contact you.

Our Last Mile for 2018! On to optimized First Last Miles in 2019!

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