Over the years our season’s greetings were coming  from warehouse locations all over the world. As we were conducting physical inventories on behalf of our customers. And always during the Holidays. From Canadian Mobile Phone operations to Argentinean Consumer Electronics Fulfilment centres. Or German Tobacco operations. And Vietnam Electronic Device factories. Why? As even in this millennium you want to know your floor – book position. On a periodical basis, preferably daily. To know where the product is. Keeping your customers happy, your controllers satisfied and preferably, your inventory level as low as possible. In the ‘old days’ we had time enough to correct inventory. As ‘down time’ was still a ‘given’ in warehouses, we could correct during night or weekends. Available WMS tools, ‘paper based’ or complicated RF did not really help, however we had time enough to correct. Even far into the next quarter with post adjustments. And every WMS we operated failed the right user and admin setup for Physical Inventory or Cycle Count. Again, we had time enough!

Warehouse operations run 24/7, no time for Physical Inventory counts

Now it is 2018. We have no time left. The warehouse operations are running 24/7 and this means continuous order allocations. How to handle that with cycle counting. Plus, you do not want a closure for a multi-day Physical Inventory. And last but not least, financial regulations do not allow ‘parking’ any system inventory value into the next quarter. And the same auditors telling the need to ‘touch’ product on a regular base to be compliant. So how does that work with ‘disruptive’ technology like robots or drones? We are trying but not experiencing the value…yet. Counting is simple if you follow the basic rules. Plus, allowing your users a real user friendly interface. Like an APP for phone or tablet. Android or IOS. Everybody can work with that. We just take your snapshot out of any existing WMS or ERP and execute. Simply on Wi-Fi. And with some effort you can reach the ‘continuous cycle count status’ meaning no need for a Physical Inventory count anymore. So, check our Aratus blog next week for tips & tricks for faster deployment for inventory management. That’s how we reached a well-deserved free time during the Holidays. Aratus wishes you a Happy Inventory and 2018.