“We work for global brands,
but also for ambitious brands
in local markets
that want to grow big.”

Friso Bakker, CEO.


Our team

Our team of highly skilled professionals has extensive experience on both executive and shop-floor level of the industry. The solutions we offer vary from straightforward solutions to complex operations with large budgets. We know all too well that the flexibility to quickly implement small changes can be just as important as delivering a first solution to a client. In our business, the optimization in speed and quality is an ongoing process, even after the ‘go live’.

Friso Bakker
Friso BakkerCEO
Friso has over 20 years of experience at an executive level at leading international logistics companies. Turn-key operations, global contract ownership, and industry development are only some of the areas he worked on.

After his studies business economics Friso started working in the logistics industry where most recently, working for one of the top 5 global players, he had worldwide responsibility for outsourced logistics. Friso’s main skills are operations management, turn-key projects and commercial processes, making him the ideal partner with whom to discuss future logistics development.

In his 20 years of experience, Friso has seen the budget and planning challenges companies are facing when implementing and managing big supply chains and warehouses.

Based for many years in Switzerland, working globally in very diverse markets, Friso has returned to The Netherlands to found Aratus and expand his own business. He oversees the creative direction at Aratus as well as business development.

Alies de Graaf
Alies de GraafManaging Partner
Alies has over 20 years of experience within Marketing Communication and had various positions. Together with her team of media specialists, she was responsible for several (Inter) -National accounts and their media strategies.

Since July 2017 she joined the Aratus team. She is a.o. key contact for the Advertising Agency – Martin and Lewis. Next to that she is responsible for search and realization of new team members and get them aligned.
Her drive and passion for MarCom and people in general is added value for Aratus.

Tomasz Dzioba
Tomasz DziobaProgram Manager
Our Tomasz  has over 20+ years of experience with logistics IT projects and 15+ years of experience with logistics applications design and development.
Knowledge about various supply chain management solutions (WMS, TMS, WCS, T&T, EDI) in different business areas and worldwide.
Areas of expertise in logistics: designing and optimizing of logistics IT processes, IT projects management, organizing and conducting trainings, creation of knowledge bases.

Tomasz joined the Aratus team medio 2017.

Augus van Gils
Augus van GilsCTO
Augus is a full-stack web developer with over 15+ years of experience. His main focus is PHP, Javascript and MySQL, but he is always looking for other programming languages ​​for (web) applications to play with.

Augus always uses the latest techniques to ensure that the applications run as quickly, safely and as long as possible.
He also has a great love for WordPress and regularly develops customized websites.

As driven as Augus is in his work, he is also busy on his detached house (with meadow) in the Frisian countryside. Every morning, this boy gets up with the morning to take care of his sheep, chickens and cats. On the weekend, until recently, he still liked a ball with his friends.

Augus has been working for Aratus for more than half a year in 2017 and has been working since November for Aratus again. Together with colleague Sjoerd, he is responsible for the development and innovation of our A-Core WMS.

Sjoerd Handofsky
Sjoerd HandofskyCTO
As a child, Sjoerd was put behind his PC by his parents to play a game of snake. Sjoerd’s parents had never expected that he would spend a large part of his time there in the coming years. Sjoerd now has over 30 years of experience in setting up and developing sites. At the age of eight!

Sjoerd developed his first website about Popeye and dinosaurs.In 1999 Sjoerd broadened his development knowledge and started developing in PHP, supplemented with MySQL. Sjoerd is both Front and Back-end Developer with an eye for Design.

Sjoerd can be found several times a week on the hockey field and at the gym and in the weekend he likes a beer!

In addition to his work for his own company WebSwing, Sjoerd has been working at Aratus for more than 1.5 years. Together with his colleague Augus, Sjoerd is responsible for developing and innovating our A-Core WMS application.

Joanna Cook
Joanna CookCreative Manager
This world citizen was born in 1969 in London, UK. When she was six, she moved to the Netherlands and fell in love with music at a very early age. Not only to listen to but also to make yourself.

During her education at the graphic lyceum in Amsterdam she combines this passion by starting to produce her own songs.
At a young age Joanna was producer on the stage of the Sporthallen Zuid with her own Techno hits.

As one of the first women Joanna stepped into the emerging world of the internet, then called world-wide-web. In the meantime, this has increased to more than 22 years of broad IT experience. She also worked for ‘Demons’, where she writes ‘support tools’ for the corporate helpdesk and Facing Facts, as a bridge builder between customer, design and develop teams.

In her free time, ‘Cook’ likes to cook for friends who, in addition to an excellent dinner, can always look forward to a well-chosen wine.

Meanwhile, Joanna has been working for Aratus for more than a year, where she is involved in all sorts of creative matters, but she is also very happy with implementations of A-Core WMS at customers.

Maurits Verzeilberg
Maurits VerzeilbergLogistics Developer
Maurits is our newest and ambitious Aratus man and studied Technical Business Administration. He has done internships and graduation assignments with, a. o., KLM Cargo and Plasthill (producer of foil).

Maurits joined an exchange project at a Balinese university for 6 months, where he researched the different waste flows of the island.

He likes to analyze processes, optimize where possible and / or devise and implement new solutions.

Besides being the best Logistics Developer, Maurits also has ambitions on the hockey field. He is a referee for the KNHB and his dream is to be allowed to whistle international hockey matches in the future.