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A-Core WMS
The scalable WMS to boost your business

Aratus A-Core WMS Application

The core WMS application is easy to configure and implement and works entirely from the Cloud. There are three SAAS licensing models where the distinction is the number of users, integration (ERP, TMS, POS and WCS) and multi depot. All versions work with a fully integrated ‘scan’ module based on Androïd hardware.

  • Basic: <10 users; stand alone version without integration
  • Professional: <25 users; with integration & task allocation / management
  • Enterprise: unlimited users; multi depot, VAL & customs

All licenses have a 24/7 support and helpdesk function and upgrades are applied at least four times a year. Possible customization is played in the ‘backend’ for the release upgrades. Customer environment is protected within the database structure of Azure.

For integration, the Aratus Message Hub is available based on Magic technology. This provides the APIs or EDIs for all forms of message traffic in a fast and simple (low code) method. For Magento, for example, there is a standard link that processes and manages all types of order information.


A-Core specifications:

  • Scalable WMS Application via standard configuration.
  • Complete optimization through guided Put-Away, dynamic replenishment and order waving.
  • The WMS with a full Android user interface via WIFI.
  • Unique orderwave optimization and release from, among others, Shopify and Magento.
  • Dynamic Cycle count for 100% inventory management and availability.
  • Implementation and support in-house.
  • Simple, affordable and fast delivery (1 to 4 weeks).
  • Full support and optimization after delivery and implementation on location.
  • Flexible and clear cost structure.
  • Easy to integrate with any ERP, TMS, DMS, POS (E commerce) and WCS solution.
  • Unique message-hub setup with real-time tracker.
  • Fully SAAS, possibly in combination with on premise setup.
  • Very user friendly user interface for scanners or desktop. In all languages.
  • Full secure environment via Azure with continuous security patches upgrades.
  • Full flexible and customized dashboards and real time reports.
  • SAAS protocols and documentation via ‘ESCROW’.

In terms of functionality, A Core WMS is comparable and even better than the ‘blue chip’ WMS capabilities. However, for a fraction of the costs with a much faster turnaround time and therefore ROI. In addition, the distinction is the implementation knowledge and capacity by our own personnel with a very strong operational background and thorough WMS configuration knowledge. Furthermore, the unique ‘low code’ message hub function makes it possible to integrate everything quickly and flawlessly.

Supply Chain Apps

Supply Chain Add-in is a portfolio of AI based apps for network planning and visualization in Microsoft Excel. User-friendliness in combination with advanced analytical methods and computing power make it the best Supply Chain Analytics solution on the market. Easily connect your Excel data tables and start analyzing and sharing the optimization results in impressive maps and dashboards with your colleagues or customers.

With the wide range of easy and fast to implement real-time Supply Chain apps, we offer every major or small link in logistics the possibility to optimize, analyze, visualize, simulate and forecast. This results in optimal service at the lowest cost with the highest flexibility and the best return.

Our portfolio is divided into 5 Categories SC Apps:

  • Supply Chain Visualization
  • Network Design
  • Forecasting
  • Transport Optimization
  • Warehouse Analytics

Do you want to know how you can ensure that your WMS is an investment with a good ROI and not a continuous cost item? Or what improvement in business results can you achieve through the Supply Chain Apps?

Contact our team: +31 20 363 5652 of mail to info@aratuslogistics.com.

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